UFC 129 Shields vs. St-Pierre Who is Your Pick?

So this Saturday April 30th is UFC 129 featuring George St-Pierre defending his title agaisnt the challenger Jake Shields. Which GSP will we see this weekend? The GSP that jabbed Koscheck’s face off and then solidified his victory will several take downs and completely controlling the wrestler then entire fight ending in total domination, or the GSP that will play it pretty safe and grapple and little else and out point Shields? Will Shields’ ground game nullify that of GSP’s? Shields is certainly not a chump by any means on the ground and has more than respectable striking. Can Shields get GSP off his game plan long enough to score an upset?

Additionally on the card is Mark Hominick challenging Jose Aldo in the featherweight category for the title. Similar will Aldo stand and bang with Hominick? This fight could explosive both standing and on the ground.

Lastly of the “big” fights of the night, Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida. Ground and pound and dirty boxing versus akward unorthodox and elusiveness. I am nearly looking forward to this match as much as the Hominick/Aldo match the potential for a war is exciting however if Machida can’t stay away from Couture…this could be a very short fight.

So who are you picks and why? Give your predictions below!

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