The Crowd Really Wants to See Muay Thai at Every UFC and MMA Event??

We’ve all seen it at fights and heard about it in rumors true or not throughout the fight world, fight fans want to see guys stand and bang in the cage or ring and get frustrated with the sometimes mundane less exciting grappling matches that sometimes occur in the UFC, or any mixed martial arts organization for that matter. Is it saying that those who grapple aren’t good fighters? No way. But honestly whats more exciting to the average fan, two guys striking with kicks, knees, punches and elbows, big haymakers, a flurry that stuns, and uppercut that wobbles an opponent or two guys of similar grappling ability negating each other on the mat and a guy trying for a kimora for 2 min straight while the other guy does his best to roll out or at least prevent the other guy from locking it all the way in?

“Stand them up!!!” The crowd yells at every MMA event. The referee patience is much shorter today than it used to be. It used to be they would let the grappling go on as long as need be and what ground fighter wouldn’t want that? But now days the refs, the promoters know the fans want to see a stand up match. Ask Dana White. Why does he pay his guys bonuses to stand up? Why on earth would a Gracie vs. Hughes match be completely a stand up match? Because the people want to see fighters stand up and trade strikes. Its more exciting to watch period. It has nothing to do with which style is more technical in terms of Muay Thai vs. Jiu-Jitsu, and you really can’t make a comparison, its apples and oranges. But the two make up MMA, thats why anymore the one style fighter is nearly a thing of the past. Eventually they get to a level where everyone is training both style equally.

But when you hear, “Stand them up! Let em fight! ” What you’re really hearing, is “Muay Thai! Muay Thai!” Get on YouTube and watch a match of Ramon Dekkers or Gokhan Saki and tell me those aren’t exciting matches to watch! Are they some of the best in the world? You betcha. But the average person in the crowd honestly doesn’t care how hard it is to get out of a triangle choke or understand that the guy on his back could actually have the advantage, they see two guys on the ground, not doing a whole lot. When someone gets full mount and starts throwing haymakers, they get excited. They don’t know or care what an omaplata is or is not. They want violence. They want striking. They want to see someone pushed to their physical limits, bloodied, battered and still fighting, still standing, still doing Muay Thai.

The more America gets exposed to what Muay Thai is, the level of excitement it brings and how many more elements its adds to the equation over straight boxing, the more America will love it. We love bigger, stronger, faster, harder hitting, more explosive, higher scoring, more violent etc. Muay Thai is exactly what America wants…even if it doesn’t know it quite yet.

Also please don’t tell any of the Gracie’s where I live.


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