Jim Carrey Battle (Franklin vs. Griffin)

Was anyone as underwhelmed as I was about the dueling Jim Carrey’s Saturday night at UFC 126?? Franklin vs. Griffin was not a terrible match it was just boring. About as boring as watching paint dry…if that paint is on top of other paint and trying to punch the other paint in the face while the paint on the bottom is holding the other paints wrists…for 15min.

Franklin has put on some really entertaining fights however Saturday night was definitely not one of them. Perhaps he was a little weary about how his arm would hold up after he broke it on Chuck Liddel’s face?

All around the entire UFC 126 was a bit boring. Jones so severely overwhelmed Bader that the most exciting part of the fight was when he reverse leap frogged Bader.

And of course the main event was pretty wild with Belfort vs. Silva only because Silva knocked out Belfort with such a bizarre technique you rarely see in the UFC. Amazing? Not hardly. I just want someone to fight this guy so we can find out what he’s really made of, nobody has really given him much of a test, he does so many weird awkward things nobody really fight him the way they are capable of, hell maybe Jones should fight Silva, weird awkard and athletic vs. well, the same thing. No I’m not saying that Silva and Jones are on the same level I’m just saying its crazy enough to work.

I hope the next UFC is more entertaining regardless.

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