Andy Zerger

Andy Zerger

Andy Zerger started Martial Arts as a young boy and earned several world, national and state titles throughout his fighting career. Additionally Andy Zerger has owned and operated many karate, muay thai and mixed martial arts gyms in the state of Kansas, starting his first at the age of 15. While Zerger still loves to compete and fight his heart these days is in the teaching of and the success of his students in achieving their dreams and goals in martial arts.

Andy Zerger’s Basic Stats:

-Started martial arts at age 10

-Gym owner at age 15

-Black belt at age 16

-World champion at age 19 in N.B.L., N.A.S.K.A and S.K.I. organizations

-World ranked Muay Thai and Kickboxing in I.K.F. and W.K.A. organizations

-Over 200 fights in the sports of:

Point Karate, Semi Contact Karate, Team Fighting Point Karate, Full Contact Karate, Amateur Muay Thai, Amateur High Kick Kickboxing, Amateur Boxing, Pro Muay Thai, Pro High Kick Kickboxing, Pro Boxing

-Fought from NYC to LA and many states in between

-Fought on European TV for USA K1 Max Rules in Poland

-Fought and traveled to many countries throughout the world

Andy Zerger’s Training/Teaching Credentials:

-Trained Muay Thai in several countries including Thailand

-Trained thousands of students of all ages and skill levels over 20 years in Kansas, Texas and NYC

-Has trained over 30 world, state and local champion fighters both pro and amateur

-Opened the first mixed martial arts gym in Wichita which has been recognized by athletic commission as the leader of mixed martial arts in Kansas

-Has produced more pro fighters than any other gym in Kansas

-Multiple students have fought around the world

-Personally trained several law enforcement and military members including S.W.A.T., Spec Ops, Navy Seals and Delta Force

-Trained the Kansas State football team

-Trained the #1 ranked Army Combative team two years in a row

-Worked with handicapped individuals in both Liberal and Wichita, KS

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