UFC 143 Diaz vs. Condit Extended Preview…who wins??

Overeem Dominates Lesnar Retires What’s Next?

So Alistair Overeem beat Brock Lesnar with little effort this past Friday and ended Brock Lesnar’s career at the same time. Is Overeem that good or should Lesnar have even been in the cage? Defender’s of both will certainly speak up in both directions but both questions should be asked as well. Does dismantling a . . . → Read More: Overeem Dominates Lesnar Retires What’s Next?

UFC 141 Extended Preview Overeem vs. Lesnar by UFC

Here is the extended preview to Overeem vs. Lesner by UFC from YouTube.

Interview with JMTK pro and Bellator Fighting Championships fighter David “Caveman” Rickels


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is Best for Women’s Self Defense?

Many women are interested in self defense, protecting themselves in unfortunate situations and learning techniques against a typically larger stronger aggressor…what is better than jiu-jitsu?

Comments, insight, questions?

Jon ‘Bones’ Jones Wins Again, Easily. Is He Legit Now?

Last weekend Jon Jones won easily over former champion Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson in a fight that while it lasted four rounds, didn’t seem to really test Jones at all.

Jones’ reach and athleticism seem to be too overwhelming even for the most experienced of fighters. So naturally it begs the question, is Jones legit? Winning . . . → Read More: Jon ‘Bones’ Jones Wins Again, Easily. Is He Legit Now?

C3 Fights featuring Jon ‘Section 8’ Bryant and Cody Carrillo in Newkirk, OK Tonight!

Jon “Section 8” Bryant and Cody Carrillo will be representing JMTK tonight at C3 Fights MMA show in Newkirk, OK at the First Council Casino. Fights start at 8pm come out and show your support!!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Seminar with 2nd Degree Black Belt Andre Monteiro at JMTK Oct 1st!

Andre Monteiro is hosting a BJJ seminar at JMTK on October 1st at 12pm. The seminar is 3 hours long 12-2pm is no gi and 2pm to 3pm is in the gi.

The seminar is open to anyone 14yrs and up from any gym, experienced or novice. Pricing is $35 for no gi only and . . . → Read More: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Seminar with 2nd Degree Black Belt Andre Monteiro at JMTK Oct 1st!

Labor Day Weekend Gym Hours!

Saturday JiuJitsu at 9am! Muay Thai at noon! Closed Sunday and Monday! See you all for morning muay thai on Tuesday at 10am!!

Cody Moberly makes his pro Muay Thai debut in Omaha, NE Friday Sept. 2nd!

JMTK fighter and Muay Thai trainer Cody Moberly is making is pro debut at Ring Wars in Omaha on Friday Sept 2nd! Be sure and give him support and a pat on the back as he represents JMTK this weekend!


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