We Will be Closed July 2nd and July 4th!

We will be closed on Saturday July 2nd and Monday July 4th in observance of Independence Day.

The Crowd Really Wants to See Muay Thai at Every UFC and MMA Event??

We’ve all seen it at fights and heard about it in rumors true or not throughout the fight world, fight fans want to see guys stand and bang in the cage or ring and get frustrated with the sometimes mundane less exciting grappling matches that sometimes occur in the UFC, or any mixed martial arts . . . → Read More: The Crowd Really Wants to See Muay Thai at Every UFC and MMA Event??

Good Luck to all JMTK fighters at the TBA-SA MTC Tourney In Des Moines!

Off to Des Moines, Iowa for the TBA-SA MTC: North America’s Largest Amateur Muay Thai Tournament!!! Good luck to our fighters on some of their first matches! And good luck to our veterans as well! Will be Tweeting updates throughout the weekend as much as we can!

Be sure and follow us at: www.twitter.com/JMTKMMA

2011 TBA Muay Thai Class This Weekend in Iowa!

Good luck to everyone competing in the TBA 2011 Muay Thai classic June 3, 4 and 5 in Des Moines, Iowa! Make sure you give all the students from JMTK some love as they head to the tournament to compete!


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